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Free Email At MailingWeb


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What services does MailingWeb offer?

MailingWeb offers a wide range of free and paid email services. You can use one of our many domain names or set up your own domain instead:

  1. FREE WEB BASED EMAIL - using mailingweb.com
    You can use a free email address at mailingweb.com (yourname@mailingweb.com) to access your emails from anywhere in the world just by using any browser. Click here to get started.
  2. PREMIUM WEB BASED EMAIL- choose from 30+ domains
    You can use one of our  premium domain names
    (yourname@choosebelow.com) to access your emails from anywhere in the world using any browser. Here is the list of available domain names:
    • australia-web.com
    • biddingweb.com
    • brokingweb.com
    • buyingweb.com
    • careers-web.com
    • collectingweb.com
    • computingweb.com
    • cooking-web.com
    • discountingweb.com
    • discountsweb.com
    • earningweb.com
    • ecommerce-web.com
    • lendingweb.com
    • lovingweb.com
    • manager-web.com
    • managingweb.com
    • mens-web.com
    • moneyspecialists.com
    • newzealand-web.com
    • opportunity-web.com
    • partyingweb.com
    • promotingweb.com
    • rentingweb.com
    • retailingweb.com
    • retiringweb.com
    • savingweb.com
    • showbiz-web.com
    • unitedkingdom-web.com
    • unitedstates-web.com
    • sporting-web.com
    • webmaster-web.com
    • womens-web.com
    Click here for more information, including prices.
  3. PRIVATE WEB BASED EMAIL - using your domain name
    You can set up your own domain name in our Web Based Email System. You can then access all of your domain emails (anything@yourdomain.com) from anywhere in the world using any browser. Click here for more information, including prices.
  4. EMAIL FORWARDING - using your domain name
    This service delivers all domain emails (anything@yourdomain.com) to any other email box you choose, such as your ISP mailbox. Click here for more information, including prices.
  5. POP MAILBOX - using your domain name
    Our standard service gives you a "catch all" POP mailbox which delivers all domain emails (anything@yourdomain.com) to your POP mailbox. Click here for more information, including prices.

    However you can also order any number of POP mailboxes you choose. We can provide an unlimited number of email addresses for each Mailbox and can stream multiple email addresses to 1 Mailbox. In other words, you can have 2 or more Mailboxes, each with 1, 5, 10 or more addresses being delivered to it, as you choose. You can add more email addresses to each Mailbox at any time, free of charge. Please contact us if you would like us to tailor a solution to meet your individual needs.

What features does Web Based Email offer?

MailingWeb provides a range of features that come standard with all Web Based Email Accounts:

  • Bulletproof Security - only you can access your email account.
  • Lightning fast servers as part of our world-class network.
  • Your own permanent email address at your domain or ours.
  • Access your email account from anywhere, at anytime.
  • HTML capability to enhance messages with different font styles, sizes, and colors.
  • Unlimited checking of external POP accounts.
  • Unlimited configurable folders.
  • Integrated address book to help you manage your contacts.
  • Unlimited email signatures.
  • Unlimited filters for sorting mail or blocking spam.
  • Users can be notified at another email address when they receive mail.
  • Full MIME (attachment) support when sending and receiving emails.
  • More features in development ....

Can I check my existing POP accounts on other servers?

Yes. Web Based Email users can import mail from other email accounts into their MailingWeb account.

Do you offer services other than Web Based Email?

Yes. We offer Email Forwarding (redirection) to other mailservers and POP Mailboxes on our servers.

What will my email address be?

  • If you ordered a Free Web Based Email account, your email address will be yourname@mailingweb.com
  • If you ordered a Premium Web Based Email account, your email address will be yourname@
  • If you ordered a Private Web Based Email account, Email Forwarding or a Pop Mailbox, your email address will be anything@yourdomain.com

What does anything@yourdomain.com mean?

anything@yourdomain.com means you could send mail to a@yourdomain.com, b@yourdomain.com, c@yourdomain.com, abc@yourdomain.com and so on. In other words, you can use any name you wish before the @ and it will all be forwarded to you or delivered to your Mailbox.

Why should I join?

Some of the benefits of using MailingWeb's e-mail services include:

  • Your e-mail is private and secure.
  • You get your own permanent e-mail address.
  • You can get additional Web Based Email accounts at MailingWeb.com for FREE.
  • If you have your own domain name, you can access multiple e-mail addresses at your domain from one account.
  • Separate your personal e-mail from your business e-mail.
  • Separate your e-mail from other work colleagues or family members.
  • You can access your account from anywhere in the world.
  • Your account is quick and easy to use, yet still gives you all the powerful features.

I have more questions

You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions or you can contact our Customer Service Team.

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Free Email at MailingWeb.com

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Free Email at MailingWeb.com
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